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December 3, 2014

ten on tuesday: stores i like
posted by soe 2:04 am

Today’s Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Stores I Like:

  1. Politics & Prose: D.C.’s best bookstore, it offers patrons a well-stocked fiction, non-fiction, and kids sections, a decent music section, a remainders area, a cafe where you may have random conversations with fellow patrons, and 300+ book-related events a year. They also have shelves devoted to local authors, books set in/about D.C., and a machine that will let you self-publish a book. No, it’s not near a Metro stop, but it’s not a terrible walk from two stations, it is connected from both by bus lines, and it has a bikeshare station across the street (that they asked customers to petition for). Also: Upshur Books in D.C., RJ Julia’s in Connecticut, The King’s English in Utah, and Powells in Oregon.
  2. Sullivan’s Toy Store: If you’re looking to buy presents for kids or people who like kid things, this Tenleytown shop is a great place. They have stuffed animals, Legos, puzzles, and a large art section. Also: Barstons Child Play in D.C. and Amatos in Connecticut.
  3. Webs: Because I’m pretty sure it’s the biggest yarn store on earth, but it still feels homey. Also: Looped in D.C., Fibre Space in Virginia, and Blazing Needles in Utah.
  4. Rodman’s: I forget how weird Rodman’s is. Most D.C. people are aware that it’s a great place to buy foreign ingredients and prepackaged food and alcohol, but if you venture downstairs, it proves also to be an old-fashioned department store, with kitchen goods, wrapping paper, a watch repair counter, and medical supplies. Also: Franklin’s General Store in Maryland and the Cedar Chest in Massachusetts.
  5. Labyrinth: Located on Capitol Hill, they sell games of all sorts, as well as puzzles, and host a weekly games night that anyone is welcome to join.
  6. Miss Pixie’s: Funky, used furniture for the D.C. apartment-dweller. Also: GoodWood in D.C. and Warehouse Showrooms in Virginia (for funky, new pieces). (There also used to be a used furniture shop in Middletown, CT, that I can’t recall the name of and which may or may not still exist.)
  7. Turn It Up! CDs and More!: Still like to hold your music in your hands? This western-New England mini-chain (four shops in three states) is the place for you with a combination of new and used discs (and some vinyl). Also: Graywhale Entertainment in Utah, Newbury Comics in Massachusetts, Amoeba Music in California, and Generation Records in New York.
  8. Porto Rico Importing Co.: This Greenwich Village coffee and tea purveyor has an annual tea sale every February that stocks me for the year with loose-leaf tea. We started out visiting there in person back in college and still stop in whenever we’re in the city. Also: Teaism in D.C. and McNulty’s in New York.
  9. Whitlocks Book Barn: My parents used to drag us to this rural Connecticut outpost where you rummage through 3 barns worth of used books, but I came to appreciate its charm as an adult, when I would take friends there when we were too poor to afford new books. Also: Books for America, Capitol Hill Books, Second Story Books, Riverby Books, and Idle Time Books in D.C.
  10. Meet Market, Eastern Market, Downtown Holiday Market: D.C.’s craft fairs, perfect for gift shopping, whether for yourself or for others. Also: Wesleyan Potters holiday sale in Connecticut.

Do you have favorite brick-and-mortar shops?

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