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November 14, 2013

posted by soe 4:09 am

Today was a Wednesday and might have merited a Yarn Along post where I could share with you what I was reading and knitting.

Except I’m not really knitting or reading anything at the moment.

Oh, there are projects and books all over the place in various stages of completion, but none of them are things I want to be spending my time on. This wouldn’t be a problem if I were spending my time in some other constructive, positive way by, say, writing or learning the ukelele or parsing irregular French verbs or dealing with the 20 pounds of apples sitting in my fridge or hanging out with friends. But I’m not doing any of those things either.

Instead, I’m spending a lot of time curled up on the couch, watching tv and playing games on my phone. Well, and feeling irked about the fact that that’s all that I’m doing.

I totally know that this is a cyclical stage of depression that arises around this time every year. I know the steps I need to take to combat it, such as going to bed at a more reasonable hour and making an effort to see or phone friends and spending lunch hours in the sun, but it’s far too easy not to do those things. Staying stuck doesn’t require any effort, but getting myself unstuck does.

A bright spot is that usually by the time I realize this has become a problem I’m on my way back out of the doldrums. Tonight, I tackled the echoing cavern of my blog and a languishing writing obligation.

Tomorrow, I’ll see about the reading and the knitting. I’ll clear off the table and wind up a fresh ball of yarn to start a new project — maybe a hat or some socks in stripey Christmas yarn. And I’ll hit the library to borrow a cozy, possibly by M.C. Beaton, since I’ve found her Hamish Macbeth mysteries a satisfying (and quick) way to combat the listless feeling I get sometimes after reading several good books in a row.

That way, even if I’m still stuck next week, at least I’ll have a book or a project to tell you about.

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