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November 17, 2012

weekend to do
posted by soe 4:02 am

Another weekend, another to-do list:

  • Tackle four Cybils nominees this weekend: The Storyteller, Catch & Release, Purity, and You’re So Sweet
  • Dig up my potato and sweet potato patches and see if I grew anything besides greens in them
  • Get outside on Saturday, when it’s supposed to be sunny
  • Write reviews for all at least half the Cybils books I’ve finished reading
  • Take the completed D.C. books back to the library
  • Do a little shopping
  • Finish my Christmas socks
  • Pack the book bag I’ll be taking to Connecticut
  • Download the Cybils nominee that my library only had on audio.
  • Send out our Christmas party invitation
  • Clean the area between the living room and bedroom
  • Go to Goodwill

There are some other things I’d like to do, too. But they’re repeat offenders and I’m tired of writing down that I haven’t done them yet.

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