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November 5, 2012

posted by soe 4:07 am

Things I did (or didn’t) accomplish this weekend:

  • Finish four books (Done!)
  • Go to the charity benefit at Politics and Prose (done! bonus: Christmas shopping!)
  • Wash laundry (one load done; another will happen in the morning)
  • Vacuum (done)
  • Write three book reviews (one)
  • Knit 10 rows on a sock (Fail)
  • Wash the bathroom sink (yes)
  • Handwash socks (the pile that was in the bathroom got done; those in the bedroom did not)
  • Make applesauce (apples cooked down, but haven’t run them through the mill yet)
  • Make a pie/tart (fail; although there’s a pie crust in the fridge now)
  • Make bread (nope)
  • Mop the bathroom floor (nope)
  • Mop the kitchen floor (nope)
  • Switch out my summer and winter clothes (nope)
  • Listen to music (some, but less than I’d have liked)
  • Plant fall/winter veg in the garden (didn’t even go down to the garden)
  • Think about going over to the Arlington Library to acquire more Cybils nominees (16 books picked up)
  • See if Michael and Julia have time to get together (got together with Julia for a walk)
  • Sit outside in the sun, should it appear (no sun Saturday; failure to sit outside on Sunday)
  • Go to the farmers market (yup)
  • Make a pot of chocolate (and drank it while eating cider doughnuts for breakfast)
  • Get a minimum of six hours of sleep both nights and still get up before noon. (Accomplished!)

It was an ambitious list, as Karen wrote. I’m not wholly disappointed with what I got done, particularly since I finished four Cybils nominees and have clean underwear for tomorrow.

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