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November 3, 2012

weekend goals
posted by soe 3:34 am

It’s late and I’d like to go to bed, so I’m afraid we’re opting for a bulleted list tonight.

Things I hope plan to accomplish this weekend:

  • Finish four books (One is done; a second is started.)
  • Go to the charity benefit at Politics and Prose (done! bonus: Christmas shopping!)
  • Wash laundry (a priority should I want to wear underwear next week, which I do)
  • Vacuum
  • Write three book reviews
  • Knit 10 rows on a sock
  • Wash the bathroom sink
  • Handwash socks
  • Make applesauce (with some apples that are looking a little peaked)
  • Make a pie/tart (with some apples that look perkier. A perky pie! ha! (yes, I’m going to bed soon, I promise…))
  • Make bread (okay, the bread machine will do the brunt of this, but still…)
  • Mop the bathroom floor
  • Mop the kitchen floor (since I have to move stuff to get to the food mill, anyway)
  • Switch out my summer and winter clothes
  • Listen to music
  • Plant fall/winter veg in the garden (this includes calling Frager’s to see if they have garlic bulbs)
  • Think about going over to the Arlington Library to acquire more Cybils nominees (if not this weekend, then a must-do by Wednesday)
  • See if Michael and Julia have time to get together
  • Sit outside in the sun, should it appear
  • Go to the farmers market
  • Make a pot of chocolate
  • Get a minimum of six hours of sleep both nights and still get up before noon.

And with that bullet, let me away before it becomes impossible!

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