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November 1, 2012

storm days, temperate, and occupation
posted by soe 11:22 pm

I’m a little confused about the days of this week, but it seems that today was Thursday, which means it’s time to look back on three beautiful things from it:

1. Because we personally suffered no ill effects and my most immediately important people also got off easily, two days off from work due to a hurricane seem pretty damn awesome. (Clearly the damage caused by the storm elsewhere was not remotely beautiful. But you get my point, right?)

2. Since the storm departed, the temperatures have dropped to seasonably cool. Wool blankets and socks and hats started seeming reasonable over the weekend (particularly since we keep the window open until pretty late in the season), and today I got to wear a cool-weather dress I bought over the summer.

3. We went to see Frankenweenie tonight. I had a small skein of yarn that needed unknotting, which was perfect for when the movie got to be too much for me (as Tim Burton movies are wont to do).

How about you? What was beautiful in your world this week?

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