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March 5, 2012

starburst socks
posted by soe 3:48 am

Remember when I used to finish knit objects on a somewhat regular basis, take pictures of them, and share them here?

No, me neither.

However, I did finish a pair of socks last week and they are so darn cheerful it’s nearly impossible to prevent myself from showing them off to everyone I see.

Starburst Socks

I’m calling these my Starburst Socks.

Sunshine Flavors

The colorway is really called Strawberry Banana, and the yarn is Sunshine Yarns’ merino sock. But I don’t like banana, even when mixed with strawberry, so a new name was needed. The skein came from the very first yarn swap I ever did (organized by Amanda, way back when).

Cheerful Socks

The pattern is Crystalline Socks, designed by Cailyn Meyer. It combines slipped stitches and cables. (I added four extra stitches to the original pattern when my first version wouldn’t fit. In retrospect, the pattern probably would have fit as written, except that the wraps around the slipped stitches weren’t loose enough.)

Cables and Slipped Stitches

I began them on September 29 last year and finished last Saturday.


I think the wraps make darling little flower/star shapes, and Corey agrees. He likes when I offer him claw holds in my clothing.

Matchy Socks and Shoes

Speaking of which, I already had the perfect pair of shoes to wear with my socks — hot pink sneakers!

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