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September 24, 2010

having a ball, superb execution, and a scene
posted by soe 12:30 am

Fall cleaning is underway, but won’t be complete in time for the friends who come to town tomorrow. I hope they won’t mind…

But before they get here (or we’re buried under a pile of cds), let’s look back at three beautiful things from the week:

1. Andy and Jamie get married on Saturday. They seem to have a blast. I’ve now been to enough weddings to know how rare and wonderful it is to find newlyweds who actually appear to be enjoying their special day (rather than just being happy to be married or to know that the busyness that has tied them in knots for weeks is coming to an end). I wish them a lifetime of such moments.

2. Amani returns from her two-week honeymoon. Her pre-wedding request to Marcus had been that he handle all the details and surprise her, adding that she’d love to leave the country. She reveals via IM that he took her to England and France. Well done!

3. Leaving the stadium after a late afternoon baseball game, we see through the twilight a full, pale pink moon perched on the eastern horizon. By the time we pedal the length of the Mall and reach Constitution Gardens, the moon has crested the surrounding buildings behind us. We pause on a bench by the pond to admire the Harvest Moon and Jupiter posed perfectly over the Washington Monument.

How about you? What’s been beautiful in your life this week?

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