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September 16, 2010

all to ourselves, the end, and souvenir
posted by soe 8:02 pm

Thursday again, eh? I’m not quite sure how that keeps happening, but I can hear echoes of Zero Mostel going through my head.

Here are three beautiful things from my last week:

1. When we arrived at the beach late Sunday afternoon, it was practically deserted, leaving it empty for Rudi and me to splash in the warm water, dance in the sand, and watch the sandpipers.

2. For the final jazz concert of the summer, Susan came down to join Rudi, John, and me. I arrived early enough to snag a blanket-sized space next to a nice guy who offered me a swig from his hip flask.

3. My coworker Sarah returned today from two weeks in Australia. She brought chocolates — mine have honeycomb in them.

What’s been beautiful in your life lately?

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quick catch up
posted by soe 1:56 am

Now with bullets:

  • I have been doing a lot of reading recently and have not written about any of those books. I hope to do a bit of that soon as books need to go back to the library.
  • I’m feeling ambivalent about D.C.’s primary results yesterday, as I didn’t like any of the candidates for mayor or council chair — and my write-in candidates didn’t win. However, I am pleased that Phil Mendelson, one of our at-large councilmembers, won re-election. He’s wonky and throws roadblocks at large projects that probably haven’t been studied adequately or funded fully and chairs the committee that got marriage equality moving forward. Plus, he faced a competitor who seemed to be pulling a play from The Distinguished Gentleman and capitalizing on name confusion to try to win election.
  • I have other posts that I’d like to get up, but the card for Rudi’s camera doesn’t seem to play nicely with my card reader. Obviously I could demand he wake up and tell me how to fix that, but it doesn’t seem likely to lead to a happy household.
  • Danny and David are coming to visit in a little over a week. They will not be sleeping in my bathtub. This probably makes all of us very happy.
  • I pulled up the beans this past weekend in the garden and planted more lettuce and spinach. I did not harvest the peanuts, but will consider doing so this weekend.
  • After having avoided the vet for eight years, I am apparently trying to make up for that all in the month of September. Their suspicion is that Della has a thyroid disorder — a manageable condition. We’ll know more Monday.
  • Fudge from Bethany Beach is very good. It’s probably even better that the store that makes it is three hours away.
  • We will be keeping the kitten, pending major problems. More on that in another post.

Good night!

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