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January 27, 2010

my d.c.: fundraiser
posted by soe 1:19 am

Everyone has heard about $1,000-a-plate fundraisers that get held in Washington to raise money for political parties, candidates, or causes. But what makes the District such a great place to live are the smaller, more personal instances of philanthropy.

This shot is from Martin Luther King Day:

bakesale for Haiti

These women arranged a bake sale to raise money for Haiti in the wake of the earthquake. They and their young boys (I’d guess five and seven years old) were selling chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and cups of cocoa (complete with your choice of marshmallows or whipped cream) from a card table they set up on their corner. They were doing such brisk business, Rudi and I had to split a cup of hot chocolate because they ran out while pouring our first cup. (The boys were inside refilling the carafe when Rudi went back to take the shot for me.)

The women remarked to us that this was the first time they’d done this kind of thing, but they were spurred to action by hearing about the devastation. They said they were blown away by how responsive the neighborhood had been to their fundraiser.

I’m not surprised at all. That’s the kind of city we live in.

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