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January 5, 2010

recycling resolutions
posted by soe 12:58 am

Recycling is a good thing. That must also apply to New Year’s resolutions, right?

One year ago today, I resolved to entertain more.

I failed miserably. I think we managed four five gatherings last year. And for the exact same, pathetic reasons as last year.

That has got to change. It’s bad for my mental health. (And, yes, the clutter is also bad for my mental health. Think of what a boost my mind will get by tackling both those things in the upcoming months…)

I’ve read that the more specific your goal, the better a shot you have of attaining it.

I therefore resolve to entertain once a month.

That gives me 27 days to clear off a couple of chairs and the table so folks can come over.

Rudi and I bought ourselves a new board game while we were in Connecticut with the explicit plan to invite people over to play it with us.

Mum and Dad gave us a panini maker, after tiring of hearing me complain for the millionth time about how D.C. fails to understand that the machine is meant to cook the sandwich not just put lines on the bread.

So that’ll be the January portion of my recycled ultimate goal of 12 “events”: An evening of board games and panini.

I think that sounds like a pretty good thing to strive toward, personally. Wish me luck in getting there…

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