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April 29, 2009

“1,100 rights and privileges” for straight marriages
posted by soe 10:41 am

Guess how many for gay couples who marry legally in the four states that currently allow them:

“A Federalist Case for Gay Marriage: Let Each State Decide the Issue for Itself”

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the good news
posted by soe 12:46 am

It seems to have been a 24-hour bug. My stomach has been okay since around dawn, although I admit I didn’t tax it with anything more strenuous than Coke during the day and soup and black tea this evening. Tomorrow morning I’ll be brave with some cinnamon toast. I may even go all out and add some milk to my tea!

I slept all day and had another nap after Rudi went out on his weekly evening ride. My body suggests it’s about ready to call it a day now that I’ve been up for six hours straight.

The only lasting repercussions there will be from this illness is from fainting. Since I became an adult, my body seems to react to throwing up by passing out. Heretofore, it’s been after being sick, but last night I lost consciousness en route to the bathroom. I’m not sure where I hit my face — on the bathroom door, the bookshelf next to it, or the floor — but I will have a noticeable gash above my lip for a few days. I’m going to think of it as giving me a bit of rakish charm. I hit my front teeth and my nose, as well, and while they’re a bit sore, I don’t seem to have given either any lasting damage, thank heavens. Rudi also thinks I’m lucky I didn’t pull the bookshelf over on myself, since he says that the number of books pulled out from the shelf suggests that I tried to catch myself on it. I just think I was looking for something to read while I was lying there on the floor…

Thank goodness it was just a 24-hour bug. Imagine the damage I could do if it lasted 48 hours!

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