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December 18, 2008

bowl, baking, and brainstorm
posted by soe 11:08 pm

Three beautiful things from the past week:

1. We head to Old Town to buy a longer needle for the quilt and stop at a European-style bakery after we leave the yarn shop. I order hot chocolate and get a bowl of hot milk and a pitcher of melted chocolate. The milk has a chocolate smiley face poured onto it.

2. Raspberry and apricot thumbprint cookies. Gramma’s chocolate mint sticks. And vegan pumpkin cranberry scones for Suzanne‘s birthday brunch. (I’d seriously recommend the scone recipe as an easy treat.)

3. Today, finally, a few good ideas for Christmas presents occur to me.

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howard dean gets a little of his due
posted by soe 10:13 am

Darn straight…

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posted by soe 2:17 am

I’m frantically working on this:

The Start of a Quilt

It’s supposed to somewhat resemble this in the next week in time for me to hand it over to Gramma for Christmas. Don’t ask me what I was thinking…

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