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September 9, 2008

please vote today
posted by soe 1:55 am

If you live in D.C. and are registered with a party, don’t forget to head to the polls to cast your primary ballot.

If you live in Ward 2, I’d like to ask that you vote for Cary Silverman for City Council. It’s time for current councilman Jack Evans to go. When a man tries to sell the property out from under the local library branch without informing the residents or the library, he’s gotten too big for his britches. Check out how Dupont Circle and Penn Quarter have joined Georgetown in serving as our very own Mall of America to see where Jack’s allegiances lie. Remember that Jack spearheaded the effort to build a new ballpark that is filled only to half capacity most nights and left RFK to wither with just D.C. United soccer fans to support it.

While I’m not certain that Cary Silverman has many innovative ideas, I certainly think that he will hold close the ideas that a community is the sum of its parts and that locally owned, independent businesses should be a cornerstone of any healthy neighborhood.

I’d also like you to consider voting for a few friends and acquaintances from the Dean days. I’ve worked with each of them personally and can swear that even if they’re filling largely meaningless roles that they will work hard and will attempt to bring a sense of activism and fair play to the system:

  • For Shadow Senator: Phil Pannell (who’s also running for a Ward 8 Democratic State Committee seat)
  • For At-Large members of the Democratic State Committee seats:
  • Jeff Richardson
  • John Nowicki
  • Jeff Norman
  • Robin Kelly
  • Tamela Gordon
  • Kirsten Burgard
  • For a Ward 2 Democratic State Committee seat: Dan Wedderburn
  • For a Ward 3 Democratic State Committee seat: Jocelyn Nieva

Thank you for considering voting for these former organizational colleagues of mine.

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