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September 6, 2008

we’re ready
posted by soe 12:26 pm

The window well has been cleared, the towels are down, the rug is rolled back, and the bookshelf is pulled away from the wall.

We have apples (and pie crusts).


We have a pot of tea (and one of coffee).

Tea Party for One

We have videos (and a Mets-Phillies game at 3:30 depending on the weather in New York later this afternoon).

Movie Selections

We have books.

Reading Pile

We have knitting. (Admittedly, Rudi may find that portion of the day less interesting. It’s okay. He’s got video games.)

A Bag of Knitting

The remnants of Hanna rolled in last night and are expected to drench us for the next day or so. But we’re ready…

And so are the cats.

Della and Jer Share a Chair

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