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August 20, 2008

knitting and olympics, olympics and knitting
posted by soe 1:11 am

Life seems to have a two-tone quality to it these days. Knitting progresses (I’ll finish Row 83 before bed tonight), but I’ll be glad to move on to a different project when the Ravelympics concludes at noon on Sunday. Will I be done with the super secret project? Ummm… it’s hard to say at this point. Definitely maybe.

And while I’m knit, knit, knitting along, I’m also watching record amounts of tv. I have seen a variety of sports — from beach volleyball to the steeplechase to BMX racing — and have enjoyed almost all of them. I admit some of them make me nervous; I hate seeing athletes get hurt. And I refuse to watch the equestrian events for that reason: it’s bad enough if the person gets injured because they, at least, chose to compete; it’s just devastating to see an animal get hurt. (I have no reason to believe any horses have been injured during the Games thus far; if you know otherwise, please don’t share…)

But while I can be a nervous fan, I also really enjoy watching athletes go out and give their very best. Sometimes they come away with a World Record or a medal. But so much more often, they come away with nothing (imagine being last in the 100m qualifier and having that be your only event!), and it merely was enough for them to have competed for their sport and their country and to have put in their hardest effort. The athletes are (generally) gracious when interviewed — either in victory or in defeat — and I find myself very hopeful about the future of the world when I watch the Olympic coverage.

And, I suppose, that’s really not such a bad thing after all.

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August 18, 2008

monday morning music: footloose
posted by soe 6:53 am

In honor of a great wedding Saturday night which had all of us up and dancing our feet off, I share this ’80s classic with you:

Thanks, Charles and Jordi, for throwing one hell of a party and inviting us along for the ride!

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August 16, 2008

posted by soe 8:42 am

This morning I was out the door two hours before I normally wake up. My fellow night owls may find it comforting to hear that although there are some crazy people out and about at 6:30 in the morning on a Saturday that there were fewer people than I feared they would be. And none of them chirped at me, which was good. Even after I returned from BWI, hitting the grocery store just before 8 a.m., streets were still somewhat empty. Of course, Dupont Circle was bustling half an hour later, which just pained me.

Actually, getting up and out was easier than I thought it would be. Of course, that could be because I’d only had four hours of sleep, so perhaps my body thought I was just getting up from a nap. I’m definitely starting to feel like it’s time to go back to bed. It is 9:30, after all.

We’re off to a friend’s wedding this evening. One minimizing bra later and I was able to go shopping in my own closet. This was especially exciting since I’d bought the bra (on sale!) to wear to last night’s strapless bridesmaid dress fitting (for Karen’s fall wedding) and wasn’t really expecting it to help me out this weekend. I even own shoes and a bag that will go with the dress I found, so although I’m going to run over to Macy’s and Filene’s Basement to see if I can come up with a summer shawl, the purchases for my wedding outfit will be minimal. I may go in pursuit of a pedicure this afternoon, though. I didn’t particularly enjoy the last (and only) one I had, but you really can’t argue with how nice your feet look afterwards. Maybe I’ll text some local friends and see if they have other suggestions for places to go.

Okay, I’m off to have another mug of strong tea and then to run some errands — or, y’know, take a nap.

Have a great Saturday!

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my d.c.: faces
posted by soe 12:21 am

Buildings in D.C. have all sorts of cool decorations on them. I captured these expressions last Friday during lunch and while on the way to my Ravelympics get-together (I’m now on Row 67).

Funny Face

Sad Lion

These two are from the same building on F Street, N.W.

Creepy Warrior

The National Press Building

Falling Face

The corner of Seventh and F Streets, N.W.

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August 14, 2008

citius, altius, fortius
posted by soe 11:20 pm

Three beautiful things from this past Olympic week:

1. Michael Phelps seems to be part eel. Nearly every time he gets in the pool, a record breaks.

2. Because I was a volleyball player in high school and college — and a remarkably sucky server — I am always so impressed by the jump serve. You throw the ball up two stories in the air with sufficient English to keep it near you, run forward several steps, and then jump up and hit the ball with your hand hard enough to make it fly forward over the net (and hopefully into a spot not occupied by an opponent).

3. The Chinese men perform on the gymnastics rings as if they’re standing on the floor. Their moves are fluid and, as Rudi points out, you can just watch the different muscle groups kick in as the gymnasts swing from one move to the next.

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August 12, 2008

my d.c.: geometry
posted by soe 12:52 am

I know, I know. Today’s not Friday. I’m late — again. But let’s not pretend to be surprised; instead let’s just enjoy some nice shots from the SunTrust Bank branch on Dupont Circle.


I liked the angles I could see in this shot and was glad when it turned out the way I saw it in my mind.


This is the eave three or so stories above the sidewalk. I love the bright colors and the interplay of shapes.

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