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December 7, 2007

downtown dc sight
posted by soe 11:21 pm

If you work in downtown D.C., it isn’t uncommon to see workers from local restaurants wheeling trolleys down the sidewalk to deliver catering orders to local offices.

It is uncommon to see what I did one morning last week when I was walking from the Metro Center station to my office: A woman carrying a tray of wrapped sandwiches on her head.

People in the city don’t often take note of who else is sharing the sidewalk with them (unless it’s someone to avoid), but every single person who passed her did a double-take. I even saw some people on the other side of the road, turning to verify what they thought they had seen.

At one point, she and I passed a store window at about the same time. I kept walking and she stopped to look inside. I like to think that she wasn’t window shopping, but instead was admiring her balance and poise.

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christopher moore has a list
posted by soe 3:17 pm

A big, important list. Of things he’d like Santa to deliver on Christmas Day. I’m definitely hoping Santa can deliver at least some of it.

Chris’ post from Powell’s today

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