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September 28, 2007

bonus bonus beautiful thing: interview
posted by soe 2:39 am

I’m just in sad shape here: Clearly my brain is no longer attached to my body. In my head, I make up a list of beautiful things as the week goes on. Sure, things periodically get forgotten or fall off the list, but not usually the important ones. Yet this week, I’ve missed two.

The last was the previous item. The other was that my friend Shelley got an interview request for med school! Shelley has been talking about becoming a doctor since before I moved down to D.C. and has actively taking classes for the last several years. She took the MCAT at the beginning of the summer, struggled through essay writing for months, and two weeks ago hit the submit button on the last of her applications. Getting an interview for med school is kind of like getting a job interview; it doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the job, but it signals that you’re in the running. I’m really excited about this new beautiful part of Shelley’s life.

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bonus beautiful thing: poop
posted by soe 12:22 am

Because my fall allergies have kicked in, my head is full of goo again and I’m not thinking clearly. That is the only reason that in my earlier beautiful things tv beat out a baby.

Bonus Beautiful Things: poop

My coworker brought her three year old and her month-old baby in to the office earlier this week. I arrived later than she did, but still got to spend some time with them. Ally showed me her tiny purple Crocs and told me about elephant poop. Jack lay in my arms and held my finger and pooped in his diaper.

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