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September 8, 2007

posted by soe 10:21 pm

After only a few hours of sleep last night, I’ve been losing the battle of the zzzz’s all day today.

I arose practically before the sun to catch a ride from Rudi to Union Station where I caught a train to Baltimore where I caught a shuttle bus to BWI where I caught a plane to Hartford. Pleasantly, after I landed, my parents came so I didn’t have to catch anything after that.

We passed a pleasant afternoon featuring a barbecued lunch and a trip to Webs where I bought some yarn for the Red Scarf Project and a US1 circular to knit socks magic loop tighter than my current smallest circular allows. We headed home after stopping by a coffee shop I didn’t know existed. I had a lovely hot chocolate with homemade whipped cream and purchased some granola. (I am going to try your recipe, Mia, this was just easier…)

Tonight we had pizza and homemade peach pie along with a nice dose of After the Thin Man.

Except for the early rising, I’d say today was all about comfort and relaxation. Now to find out what tomorrow holds. But, first, sleep!

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