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June 14, 2007

my corner, updates, and reflection
posted by soe 8:21 am

Rudi’s mom is having surgery this morning to replace a bum hip. Please keep her in your thoughts while you enjoy these three beautiful things from my week:

1. Rudi was eager to set up the corner of the living room by the window to be a nook for me. He put little feet on my bookshelf over the weekend so I could put all my knitting books over by my rocking chair and the jelly cabinet that contains my yarn. I shifted other books over as well and hung up a picture. I haven’t knit there yet, but after Rudi went to bed late Saturday night, I turned off all the big lights in the living room and was able to read perfectly well just by my happy lamp, which now sits on the top shelf.

2. Two friends called me recently. Rebs and I got to talk for a rare hour about their adoption of a dear baby from Guatemala and how life has been for her and her husband recently. And my former student, Jason, phoned after a year out of touch with great news — he’d been accepted to grad school and is moving to North Carolina.

3. Twelve-story buildings block my view of all but a small swath of sky as I hurry from the metro stop to my office. An overwhelming rumble fills the air and I look up to check whether the President is flying away. I see nothing but blue above until I glimpse the chopper hovering not far above the building to my right in the glassy reflection of the building on my left.

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