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June 11, 2007

paucity of posts
posted by soe 9:55 am

I just wanted to warn folks that blogging will continue to be irregular over the next three weeks. We head to Salt Lake on Wednesday to help Rudi’s mother recuperate following her hip replacement surgery. I return a bit before Rudi because of work obligations that will have me working the final two weekends of the month. The laptop will be going with us to SLC, but I’m not sure how much time there will be to post, given the caregiving and home maintenance responsibilities we have planned.

This weekend was spent cleaning the Burrow and doing laundry in preparation for heading out of town. It wasn’t all work and drudgery, though, as I also got some reading done and spent some time with Jenn and her husband, both of whom graduated from Conn a few years after Rudi and I did and who spent the first few days of their vacation touring the city’s sights. I don’t think we’ve seen Jenn in ten years, so it was great to be able to meet them for an Ethiopian dinner and cupcakey dessert following their two exhausting days of hiking the Mall and battling Girl Scouts.

I also headed over to the garden to water everything, string up the next level of twine for the peas to climb, and harvest some lettuce leaves and two Alpine strawberries. Some peas have flowers on them, my smallest broccoli plant sprouted a head (more the size of rabe than regular-sized at the moment), the pepper has buds, and the sunniest of our tomatoes has a lovely green orb. Leeks continue to mystify me, and the beans may need to be replanted after the town did some branch trimming that crushed a bunch of them early on. All in all, though, gardening remains a very satisfying experience. I look forward to July, when I hope to be able to add a swim in after my work sessions.

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woo hoo!
posted by soe 8:23 am

I actually won a week of fantasy baseball last week. I won my first week, tied the second week, and was on a seven-week losing streak prior to last night.

I know, I know. No one cares. But that’s okay. I’m excited and that’s all that matters!

Now I just need to claw back from last place. I’m 50+ points behind the leader, but only three points behind last week’s opponent. It could be doable!

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