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June 22, 2007

free books
posted by soe 3:25 pm

I’ll be working this weekend, but I’ll also be collecting some new books at this weekend’s ALA convention in D.C. If you are a librarian and are coming, be sure to stop by my booth (4055) and say hi.

If you’re local and just want access to free books and gichgaws, come to the convention center this weekend. This link might get you free registration; otherwise it only costs $25 to get into the exhibit hall and you’ll come away with an armload of new or upcoming books that more than covers the price of admission.

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2007 national book festival
posted by soe 3:06 pm

Authors have been announced for this fall’s National Book Festival. This event is always a lot of fun and well worth a day in the city.

Thanks to Book Moot for the tip that the list was out!

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June 21, 2007

old shots, off the vine, and empty
posted by soe 10:26 pm

I’m home. I’m tired. I forgot to eat dinner (but I’m waiting to pick up a pizza now). The cats are clingy. Rudi is still in Utah (as planned, since I have to work the next two weekends). Tomorrow is going to be a sucky day at work. But even despite all this, there were definitely moments of beauty over the last week. Here are just three of them:

1. Coming across boxes of photos of Rudi and his mother from when they were children.

2. Eating fresh strawberries, raspberries, cherries, and boysenberries from Jenny’s garden.

3. I was supposed to have the middle seat for the non-stop flight from Utah to Maryland today. But whoever was supposed to use the aisle seat didn’t show up, so I got to have some elbow room instead.

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June 17, 2007

this is a sucky way to spend a vacation
posted by soe 12:01 am

Pardon the whining. I’m tired. I’m behind with things I’m supposed to be doing for work. It was 100 degrees today. I’m allergic to the house I’m staying in. I’ve spent most of the last three days either at a hospital or doing housework. It’s a crummy way to spend vacation time.

The up notes: Rudi’s mom came through her hip replacement with flying colors. Today’s physical therapy went much better than yesterday and tomorrow we hope she will graduate from a walker to crutches. She has many friends who have called to check in on her — even from as far away as Germany, and her neighbors have offered their assistance to her (and us) in any way we need. I’m glad to see people appreciate Jenny’s big heart and that the love flows both directions.

We have been taking periodic breaks away — mostly to give my immune system a break. Yesterday we stopped by Salt Lake’s beautiful main library, which opened a few years ago. It is everything a library ought to be — with spaces for books and research, and for socializing and studying. They’ve really taken their environment into consideration with a roof garden and large windows facing the mountains. It also has a gorgeous mobile featuring books and butterflies. If we get a chance before I leave, I’ll try to get back to take photos. It may not happen though.

Today we snuck over to the local open air market where I got a chance to buy English peas, as well as baked goods and a lemonade.

And I’ve been clothes shopping at the local grocery store. I know; it sounds weird. But so far I’ve come away with jeans, a top, bras, and shorts. I’ve taken to sending Rudi upstairs to grab the things we need in order to avoid being tempted by more new things. Who knew grocery stores could be so useful?

Anyway, I’m going to drink my tea and eat my cake (it was really all I wanted for dinner) and head home. More updates when I next encounter wireless access…

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June 14, 2007

my corner, updates, and reflection
posted by soe 8:21 am

Rudi’s mom is having surgery this morning to replace a bum hip. Please keep her in your thoughts while you enjoy these three beautiful things from my week:

1. Rudi was eager to set up the corner of the living room by the window to be a nook for me. He put little feet on my bookshelf over the weekend so I could put all my knitting books over by my rocking chair and the jelly cabinet that contains my yarn. I shifted other books over as well and hung up a picture. I haven’t knit there yet, but after Rudi went to bed late Saturday night, I turned off all the big lights in the living room and was able to read perfectly well just by my happy lamp, which now sits on the top shelf.

2. Two friends called me recently. Rebs and I got to talk for a rare hour about their adoption of a dear baby from Guatemala and how life has been for her and her husband recently. And my former student, Jason, phoned after a year out of touch with great news — he’d been accepted to grad school and is moving to North Carolina.

3. Twelve-story buildings block my view of all but a small swath of sky as I hurry from the metro stop to my office. An overwhelming rumble fills the air and I look up to check whether the President is flying away. I see nothing but blue above until I glimpse the chopper hovering not far above the building to my right in the glassy reflection of the building on my left.

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June 13, 2007

travel knitting
posted by soe 3:02 am

I have three knitting projects packed for the nine days I’ll be away. Think that’s enough?

One is a work in progress, about which I’m unexcited (mostly because I think I need to rip the foot back and reknit it on different needles because the sole of the foot is too thin). I also don’t particularly like the yarn, but I’d like to finish it so I can have it off the mental checklist. Plus, the Summer of Socks begins while I’m out in Utah, so I want to be prepared.

The second project, and the one I’ll probably work on on the plane, is a small Cascade Fixation sock knitting project for me that I’m excited about and that really will not take long if I sit with it for a couple hours. I love the colors — purples and greens.

And the last project is a felted mitered square bag. I won the pattern and Noro yarn from Jean Brashares at Romancing the Yarn over the winter, but I lacked the US11 dpns necessary to get started at the time. I bought a set at Sheep and Wool last month and now feel ready to embark on the project. Plus, Jenny has a washing machine I can use for free. And she lives in the desert, so the bag might even dry quickly!

Think that’s enough to keep me away from the yarn shop down the road from my MIL’s house? I mean, they’re having a sale!

Now I just need to figure out what books to pack! (And, yes, Mum, aside a sports bra, which is in the bedroom with a sleeping Rudi, all my clothes are in my suitcase — a full 13 hours before my plane departs!)

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