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November 21, 2006

five favorite thanksgiving dishes
posted by soe 3:43 pm

Tomorrow afternoon Rudi and I join travelers across the nation in the great seasonal migration. Adding several hours to the normal trip is worth it only because of what waits at the other end — loved ones.

Thanksgiving is a day filled with tradition. I offer you my favorite traditional holiday foods:

  1. Stuffing — plain old Pepperidge Farms variety from the blue bag
  2. Mashed potatoes — made with milk or cream, not broth
  3. Turkey — I prefer mine dry; I understand I’m in the minority on this point
  4. Cranberry sauce — Either Gramma’s homemade or the smooth canned version
  5. Carrots and peppers — Rudi’s contribution to the day and the most recent addition to the traditional food column
  6. Bonus: Apple pie — Worth waiting all day for and worth adding to the end of any list

May your own holiday be filled with what you love.

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