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November 7, 2006

posted by soe 9:44 am

Get out there today and exercise the most powerful right you have as an American — voting. Without a populace that votes the idea of a democratic republic just doesn’t work.

I don’t care whom you vote for (okay, that’s an outright lie, but it’s much more important to me that you vote at all than that you vote the way that makes sense to me); it’s only relevant to me that you cast your ballot — be it on paper, in a booth, or on a computer.

Follow your conscience; whether it tells you to vote for a specific person, against a certain person, or in support of a party philosophy is between you and your ballot.

And, remember, you don’t have the right to complain later on about the outcome of the election or the decisions politicians make or that your taxes have gone up if you can, but don’t, vote today. Seriously — if you start complaining, I’m going to ask.

Congratulations on being an American today. The potential that every election holds is one of the things that makes this country great.

Edited to add the following two items:
It occurs to me that if you have children, you should take them to the polls. Yes, they’ll have to be patient and hang out while you stand in line. But the best way to create future voters is to demonstrate to them today the importance of the act. So, yes, bring the kids along with you when you vote. They don’t have to go into the voting booth with you. And they can run around the polling location a bit if it’s large enough to accomodate that. But it’s important that they get to see that voting is worth standing in line for or stopping off on the way home or making a special trip for.

Also, relevant to D.C.-area readers only: Once you’ve cast your ballot, make sure you stop by your local branch of Olsson’s. They’re giving a discount on certain items (like most merchandise? I don’t have my newsletter in front of me…) when you show them your “I voted” sticker.

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