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June 29, 2006

sparkles, divers, and drip-dry
posted by soe 11:23 am

The last week has held so much beauty that it may warrant a second set of beautiful things over the weekend. In the meantime, my list of beach-themed beautiful things:

1. The water at the Coronado beach was filled with flecks of golden sand. When the sun shone on the water, it looked as if pixies had spilled bags of glitter into the ocean.

2. Pelicans are fascinating enough creatures when you just see them sitting around on perches or at the zoo. But when you see them flying, they’re incredible. A flock of them flew in precise military formation just inches over the water. And when the hunt, they circle lazily over the water until they spot their prey. Then they go into a sudden nose-dive and sploosh! into the water head first. Eventually they pop back up duck-like and then take off to start the process over again.

3. Coming in from the water, I am sopping wet and chilly. I drop onto the towel and think warming, huddling thoughts and hope that the heat from the sand will penetrate through my towel and skin. Eventually, though, the sun dries my skin and my bathing suit and all is once again well with the world.

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