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June 22, 2006

pods, cool, and wings
posted by soe 9:03 am

We’re on a plane right now headed out west for a wedding and some family and friend visiting. So next week’s beautiful things may have a left-coast-tinged viewpoint. But in the meantime, here are several beautiful things from the home front from the last week:

1. English peas at the farm market this week. When I was little I hated cooked peas, but straight from the garden they were a whole different story. I can take cooked peas or leave them nowadays but eating them out of the pod is still delectable.

2. Sunday was an August-like day. Hazy, hot, and humid. I decided to celebrate it by a trip to Eastern Market to look for a wedding present and to the local yarn shop to see if they had anything that I needed to buy during their sale. Then I had to run a few more errands. By the time I got back to the house, I was pink (from the heat, not from the sun) and dripping — totally disgusting. But then I got to take a nice tepid shower and I felt reborn and renewed (at least until I headed back outside).

3. On my way home on the Metro tonight, I passed a family sitting on a bench waiting for their train. The little girl had on a pink t-shirt and had pink, sparkly wings festooning her back. She looked just like a fairy — and maybe she was.

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