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June 14, 2006

upcoming wedding
posted by soe 11:44 pm

We’re ten days away from the wedding in California.

Two problems:

a) I don’t have a present yet. Yes, I know. I can buy off the registry if need be. It’s just so … unoriginal. And from one Wesleyan grad to another, it does seem that the gift almost begs to be original. Any ideas?

b) I have to pick a dress. I have four choices:

  1. Red satin with plunging neckline, worn to Caroline’s and Sam’s weddings.
  2. Pink silk sheath, worn to Jason’s and Wendy’s weddings.
  3. Pink flowered linen party dress.
  4. White linen full-skirted party dress.

I just modeled them for Rudi, who votes for one of the two linen dresses. It’s an outdoor Saturday night wedding in Southern California. Is linen too informal? I know we’ve abandoned the taboo on wearing black to weddings; how do we feel about guests wearing white?

I’ve got a week and would love some feedback.

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