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June 9, 2006

you know how i love books, right?
posted by soe 1:03 pm

Guess what I won’t be watching? Tuesday Night Book Club, which starts next week on CBS.

I like light fluff combined with books as much as the next person (was Pam Anderson’s Stacked really that bad?). And I realize this is going to make me sound very shallow. But I just don’t think I would have so much in common with these women.

Sure, I may peek at the book list. But I think that’s where my interest in the show stops.

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the box has landed!!!
posted by soe 1:07 am

A long time ago (in knitting time it was a hat, two mismatched socks, two washcloths, four mouse booties, and several unfinished objects ago) in a galaxy far, far away (Louisiana), Amanda of Clothesknit had an idea. A good idea. A very good idea. Her idea, you ask? Why to start an exchange of sock yarn all around the world. And, thus, Yarn Aboard! was born.

Yarn Aboard logo

I had never joined an exchange before. But I wanted to. And even though I originally thought I would have to knit socks for my secret pal, I still wanted in. Amanda patiently explained that I would not be required to knit for my pal but just to buy for her. Huzzah! thought I, that’s even better!

So Amanda drew up two lists. She sent out a Drill box that Alison had mailed her from Massachusetts and Alison of the blue blog sent out a Radio box that Carola of sheep and no city had shipped her from Iceland.

I promptly went out and bought yarn and needles for my pal. And then I sat down and waited for the box.


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