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June 4, 2006

summer plans
posted by soe 9:34 pm

The first full weekend of summertime has come to a close, and, if it serves as an example of what’s to come, it’s going to be great. We rode our bikes, went to the farmers’ market, sat out at local eateries, read, visited a museum, and saw a Shakespeare play.

I feel it’s important to make home plans as well as travel plans for the summertime. It’s so easy for the time to slip between your fingers — and it physically hurts when you get to the end of August and realize that you haven’t done anything fun or outdoorsy.

  1. Go to the beach. Any beach. It does have to feature sand and water (where I can swim). Salt water is preferable, but at this point I’ll take a pond.
  2. Read interesting books. In addition to Pericles (which I read yesterday), I’d like to read Peter and the Starcatchers (before its sequel comes out in mid-July), Fly By Night (which I own but which Grey Kitten read first and liked) The Accidental (because it takes place during summer vacation), The Fourth Bear (because I will buy anything that Jasper Fforde writes), American Vertigo, Democracy in America (because how will I know what Levy’s talking about in American Vertigo if I haven’t de Tocqueville first?), and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Just to name a few…
  3. Go to a drive-in movie. There are several in the area. And there’s really nothing like watching a movie from your car. I realize those of you with portable dvd players will not feel the same way. And that’s fine. I would also like to make sure I get to see one of the screens on the green and to just see more movies in general. There are several outdoor movie venues within Metro distance of the house and it’s just a matter of not being lazy — and not having alternate plans the nights they’re scheduled for. And there are seven different theaters within the city limits, more just outside, and several venues (like the Library of Congress and the National Theatre) that show movies as treats during the summer. I have no excuses.
  4. Make jam. My breadmaker claims to have the power to help me make jelly. I’d like to test its capacities and see if it will work. I’ve never made jam, but I have remarkably fond memories of raspberry jam Gramma made when I was a girl from the berries we’d pick off her bushes. I asked her about it recently and she has no recollection of ever having made jam. Do you think she was passing off fairies’ work as her own?
  5. Knit a tank-top. I have the yarn. I have a pattern I think will work with the yarn. Now I just need to do the math to make one work for the other. It also would be nice if I actually went to one of the public knitting groups instead of just lurking on their email lists.
  6. Ride 100 miles on my bike. Rudi would like to ride 100 miles in one day. That’s crazy-talk. I would like to ride 100 miles in one season. By my calculations that’s 33 miles a month or just over a mile a day. Sounds reasonable to me. (And, since I did 16.3 today, I don’t think it’s going to be a problem.)
  7. Avail myself of the outdoor recreations afforded me in D.C. For instance, I have never been to the National Arboretum. Nor the Friday Jazz nights in the Sculpture Garden. Nor the D.C. pools (which are free for residents this summer thanks to some deal they worked out with a corporate funder). I have never rented a canoe to paddle up and down the C&O Canal. Nor have I rented a paddle boat and spent an hour in the Tidal Basin. I have not gone on a Potomac Pedalers ride, not even the one that goes to the ice cream shop up in NorthEast. I have never mini-golfed at Hains Point. Nor have I played tennis (despite having a racquet down here since we moved) at any of the free courts. You get the gist. There’s lots to do and I should do more of it.
  8. Eat outside more. I haven’t taken full advantage of the restaurants that boast outdoor seating. And we bought a grill last summer and haven’t used it other than last summer’s camping trip. I think it would be a ton of fun to organize a couple of barbecues in Rock Creek Park.

Yes, it does sound busy. But none of it is really strenuous. I mean, really. Eat, read, knit, learn things, see friends. But, as I said to Erik this afternoon, I just can’t see that I’m going to look back on my life and think I should have done less of those things.

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