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February 9, 2006

baking, playing, and red
posted by soe 3:08 pm

If it’s Thursday, it must be time for Three Beautiful Things:

1. Twice in the last week, I’ve fired up the old oven. The first time, I made cranberry bread (with fresh cranberries I bought before Thanksgiving!) because I didn’t have all-purpose flour. The second time, I made chocolate chip cookies — half for us and half for the supportive coworkers who put up with my whining last week.

2. When I left work last Friday, I took my book to Lafayette Park and read in the sun. A nearby charter school was also using the park, and it was such fun to watch the kids jumping rope, playing football, and running around. It was hard to believe it was February!

3. Neighbors of ours must have been celebrating the Lunar New Year last weekend, because their apartment was bedecked with red streamers, and festooned with red carp, and otherwise cheerily decorated.

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