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February 3, 2006

sad mac of death
posted by soe 7:26 pm

I am disheartened to report that my iPod, faithful travel companion as I’ve jaunted around the country and across England, gave me a sad Mac of death today.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mac products, when one of their products goes belly-up, it mourns along with you by showing a sad Mac. (Mac products that started up properly once gave you a happy Mac face, although Rudi tells me that they no longer do.)

Rudi bought me my iPod just after I got hired at my current job as a congratulations gift. I was not as faithful a user as he was of his, but I enjoyed having it and being able to listen to music on planes and at work and when out soaking up the sun at the park (as well as when Rudi puts on his video games).

But, alas, the hard drive has died and it would cost nearly as much to replace it as to buy a new iPod with more storage space on it. So I will shell out a couple bucks over the next few weeks and track down a new, replacement iPod. I like having music, and my travel schedule alone would make it a worthwhile investment even if I didn’t use it around town.

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