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January 18, 2006

quiet wednesdays
posted by soe 8:25 pm

Rudi has resumed classes for the semester and I find myself home alone on Wednesday evenings.

There’s nothing on tv that night either, so it leaves me time for quiet reflection. Or time to pare down the email inbox while music blasts in the background.

It’s good to have time to oneself, particularly when one shares cramped quarters with others all the time.

Rudi is able to find his own space and time out on the bike — and when I travel, as I will be doing this weekend to San Antonio.

I have a harder time, perhaps because my chosen activities — reading, knitting, writing — do not require a separate space or a specific time in which to enjoy them.

I mean to take up a class or a volunteer activity one night a week this spring. This will give me some internal space outside the Burrow — and will offer Rudi some time to play with the cats or his Playstation or read his Beatles book at home.

It seems only fair — and can only serve to make us better mates.

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