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January 10, 2006

ten days and counting…
posted by soe 1:44 am

We’re now ten days into the New Year and I thought I’d check to see how my resolutions were going.

The good:

  • To see more movies in the theater.
  • Saturday night we went to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at the IMAX. It was good, but we arrived late and had to sit in a fetal position all night looking up Harry’s nose. Tonight we went to a sneak preview of Hoodwinked. It was cute and if you’re looking for a movie to take an eight-year-old child to, you’ll be pleased. If you don’t have a child to take with you, I’d wait for the video. Mind you, I’d still rent it. I just wouldn’t pay ten bucks for it.

  • To entertain more.
  • We’re going strong on this one, having invited some friends over to celebrate Russian Christmas with us on Sunday. (For the record, Orthodox Christmas was on Saturday, but we all were invited to another party then so moved our party back a day.) We were still running around trying to finish last minute things as people were arriving, but it was definitely less stressful than when we go many months between having folks over. And it was a lot of fun…

  • To bake more.
  • I baked for the party, but forgot in my rushing to adjust the oven temperature up 50 degrees. So the mint sticks were still good, but a bit … fudgey … in the middle.

  • To knit something for myself.
  • I haven’t picked up the sock yet (although it’s going to my knitting group with me tomorrow), but I am working on a throw on size 35 needles with yarn Mum and Dad gave me for Christmas last year. It’s slower going than I thought it would be using needles that large because I have more stitches cast on than the needles really ought to be able to handle and I have to stop several times during the knitting of each row to shove yarn up one needle or down the other. Because I can’t see the throw all at once, I won’t know until I’m done whether I like what I’m making. But it does add a bit of suspense to a project for me.

  • To spend more attention on Rudi.
  • We watched a new show on tv last week and when it was over we turned off the tv and discussed why we liked it. And that discussion morphed into a discussion about life. Sure we could have started with the high-falutin’ stuff, but don’t those sorts of conversations usually evolve from the more mundane as opposed to starting at a sophisticated level?

The “I’ve thought about regularly but haven’t acted upon yet” category:

  • To call and write more often.
  • I meant to get thank you cards out and thank folks for our lovely presents before the stamp rate rose Sunday. Didn’t happen. Also thought about calling some friends up to say hi and happy new year. But I didn’t. I have sent a couple of emails. But that’s not really the same, is it? I mean, it’s nice to get real email amidst the spam and the bulk-distribution book reviews and concert adverts and action advisories, but it doesn’t really beat having the answering machine light blink when you come home or the anticipation of ripping open an envelope with your bare hands. High priority should be placed on this item in the next week.

  • To spend more time outside.
  • I meant to get outside this weekend. Really. But then I was looking at the tv schedule and discovered that my UConn women were playing Tennessee on national television. When I lived in Connecticut, I was able to get a twice-weekly fix of seeing them on PBS (yes, our PBS station really is that cool). Now I’m stuck waiting for them to play Georgetown here in the District (never a very competitive game) or catching the one day a year regular tv deigns to broadcast women’s college sports. Next weekend. I promise.

  • To frequent the library.
  • Ummm… I meant to go tonight between work and the movie, but then I didn’t go. I’d like to rectify this sometime this week because I should finish my book club reading tomorrow and it would be nice to have a good juicy novel to sink my teeth into over the weekend (after I come back from being outside).

The “Oops, were these 2007’s resolutions?” goals:

  • To take more advantage of the local resources.
  • To look for a new job.
  • To take a class.
  • To do good.
  • To appreciate as much as I can.

I think I’ll plan on revisiting these goals on a monthly basis in order to demand some sort of culpability from myself and to offer progress reports. That doesn’t count as another goal, does it?

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