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May 2, 2019

may day unraveling
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May Day Unraveling

I’ve returned to my Lightning Shawl for a final strip, although probably not soon enough to finish and block it in time to wear it to Sheep & Wool on Sunday. But either way, it should be done soon and that will be good enough.

On the reading front, on Sunday, I picked up Jeff Zentner’s latest, Rayne and Delilah’s Midnite Matinee, about two high school senior friends from Tennessee who host a public access program where they show old monster movies and do campy interstitials, à la Elvira or Svengoolie. It is good so far, but I can see where trouble lies ahead for the characters, which stresses me out. On a less stressful note, I’m listening to Jenny Han’s P.S., I Still Love You, the second in her romantic trilogy about the fallout a girl experiences after letters she wrote, but never intended to send, to her previous crushes get mailed. The first book was made into a Netflix movie, which I thought stayed true enough to the book (although with way fewer baking sessions than I thought should have been included) and the second one has been greenlit, so this seemed like a good time to listen to it.

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April 25, 2019

final april unraveling
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Final April Unraveling

I am one toe away from a finished pair of stripey socks. FO pictures later this week.

The book is Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow by Jessican Townsend. It’s the first in a sweet middle-grade fantasy series in which the main character is a “cursed chld,” born on the wrong day and considered by everyone to be a bad omen. She is offered a reprieve on her death day by a man driving a mechanical spider.

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April 18, 2019

mid-april unraveling
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Mid-April Unraveling

I’m up in Connecticut for a week and amongst the other things I have to work on, I brought some reading material and some WIPs. First up, finish my stripey socks, the second of which is nearly to the heel turn, and A Covert Affair by Susan Mann, the second novel in the Librarian and the Spy series, which I’d like to be able to leave behind for my mom to read.

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April 11, 2019

pre-tax day unraveling
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Pre-Tax Day Untaveling

Wednesday afternoons have mostly been pleasant recently, so I’ve been spending the time between my midday book group and my evening volleyball game at a pleasant cafe that’s along my bike ride between the library and home and close to a bike dock. They have a southern-facing patio that offers lots of sun and serve pots of tea and just enough tables to accommodate those of us who want to sit outside in the spring. Today, I opted for a bowl of yogurt and granola to accompany my tea.

This shot was taken early in my visit today, because I had not yet begun the heel flap, which I’m now past the halfway point on. It seems possible that I’ll be done with the pair sometime next week, depending on how much time I have to knit.

The novel is Maia Chance’s Gin and Panic, the third volume in her Discreet Retrieval Agency mystery novel. Set in Prohibition Era New York and featuring a young, down-on-her luck society widow and her Swedish former cook, the pair have founded a service, using detecting techniques gleaned from some of their favorite pulp magazine stories, in which they intend to retrieve items for people, often those belonging to Lola’s former social strata, and instead get themselves involved in (and often suspected of) associated murders. There’s a handsome gumshoe beau and an unhandsome gangster beau and lots of drinking and baked goods and costumes you can imagine straight out of Miss Fisher (except placed on a figure where the girdles are straining a bit more because of said baked goods). It’s light, fun fare and in this one the estate where the murder occurs is located in a fictional town not far from where I went to college, so I’m enjoying it. The fourth novel is already out and I think D.C.’s library system has a copy (or maybe has one ordered), so I don’t even wait for the next installment to be written!

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April 4, 2019

first april unraveling
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First April Unraveling

I picked up a new book at the library earlier this week — Deanna Raybourn’s A Dangerous Collaboration, the latest in the Veronica Speedwell mystery series. Set in Victorian England, the series is a gender bending homage to Sherlock Holmes, although Speedwell’s Holmes is far more equaled by Stoker’s Watson than is usually the case. This addition to the series is set on an island off the Cornish coast and features a castle with a poison garden. I’m sure we can all see where this is going to go. And I’m excited for it to do so.

I’ve been in a reading slump recently, so the area around our couch is currently littered with books that I’ve dipped into, expressed interest in continuing, and then put aside for something new, which also fails to snare my attention fully. Less than 24 hours after starting this book, though, and I’m past the treacherous waters of the 50-page mark, so I’m hopeful.

I have also been carrying on with Ladee Hubbard’s The Talented Ribkins and Questlove’s Creative Quest on audio. I’m narrowing in on the halfway mark for the former, which remains both interesting and vague, as our septuagenarian narrator is slow to reveal important details from the past to his niece and his readers. The latter audiobook is fine, and Questlove just revealed the importance of the Stevie Wonder episode of The Cosby Show to many of our now middle-aged hip hop pioneers.

I did not get caught between sock #1 and sock #2 for my stripey stockinette pair. This is the first second sock of 2019, so it’s a pretty momentous knitting occasion for me. I’m hopeful we’ll be able to carry on quickly through. And I just have the toe of the first of my Smock Madness sock to finish before moving on to the second one of that pair, as well. Progress on my shawl has stalled, but it has been suggested to me that if I complete some major item on my to-do list that that feeling of accomplishment might carry me through some of the other tasks, so I may put some energy into wrapping it up. Plus, we’re getting into the weather where I can start going out with just a tshirt and shawl into the evening, so this would be a perfect time to get it off the needles and onto my shoulders.

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March 28, 2019

final march unraveling
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Final March Unraveling

On my way back from my book club, I stopped by a cafe to spend some time in the sun today. It felt glorious to be able to strip off my sweatshirt and sit outside comfortably. A pot of tea and a strawberry muffin didn’t hurt things, either.

I’m ready to start the second sock of that stripey pair. I made them extra long in the leg, but I’m about to hit baseball season, so mindless stockinette isn’t a problem.

I began On the Come Up by Angie Thomas. So far I’ve learned what a snapback is, which are baseball caps that have those very flat rims and leave the sticker on the brim and have rather perpendicular tops. I knew they were a thing; I just failed to realize they had a name. I don’t know why; I mean, everything has a name. So, a new thing.

I also started Ladee Hubbard’s The Talented Ribkins on audiobook. It’s about an otherwise ordinary family, where everyone has a superpower, like the ability to make maps of places they’ve never seen or to scale walls without aid of ropes. There’s hints of how these talents may have been useful in the Civil Rights movement, but the main character spent many years using his talent for a mobster, who now thinks he’s owed money.

All the other books are still on the go. Finishing things seems to be a problem these days — one I obviously need to address as due dates approach!

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