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November 12, 2019

nerd love
posted by soe 8:26 am

Nerd Love

My phone battery died while I was waiting for Rudi to call to say he’d made it safely to Salt Lake last night. (I’m not the only person who has dreams that they plug their phone in, am I?) But that means a few other things didn’t happen, because then my dozing on the couch turned into sleeping on the couch for most of the night.


So you get a morning-written post instead of a night-written one, insubstantial as it is.

But I leave you with this thought for today: I wish you love and happiness, whether you find it in a box of Nerds or in a nerd him- or herself.

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November 10, 2019

potomac sunset
posted by soe 1:20 am

I had to be at National Harbor, a Disney-esque (in its plasticness, not in being entertaining) resort and conference center just south of D.C., for work yesterday.

There were several breaks in my day, and, while I was trying to do office work during some of them, I did succeed in getting outside for the last light of the day. Here is the sun setting over the Potomac River.:

Sunset at National Harbor

I hope you’re having a nice weekend!

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November 9, 2019

all on my own weekend plans
posted by soe 1:14 am

Rudi is away for the weekend, so I’m flying solo for the next couple of days. Here’s what I’m hoping to get done:

  • Take part in the Garden Work Day and Social tomorrow morning.
  • Sleep in on Sunday morning.
  • Sign up for the Broke and the Bookish Secret Santa Swap.
  • Check out the Christmas Market tomorrow at the Czech embassy.
  • Complete a coffeeneuring ride or two.
  • Attend a “pop-up reading room” on the other side of town tomorrow afternoon. There will be fire pits and s’mores and a used book sale!
  • Cook quince.
  • Hang the fairy lights around the living room. (I never tracked down Halloween lights, so I’m just going to get started with the Christmas ones.)
  • Switch out my summer clothes for winter ones. I need access to warmer sweaters!
  • Find a new pair of jeans. And try to get a little more wear out of my current pair via an iron-on patch.

How about you? What’s on tap for your weekend?

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November 2, 2019

extra hour weekend planning
posted by soe 2:44 am

Both things I had on my calendar for this weekend have been postponed, which means I now have to think about doing other things with my days. Plus, there’s that extra “Fall Back” hour to fill. Here’s how I’m thinking I might use the time:

  • Watch the Nationals World Series parade. I’m iffy about the crowds, but someone Rudi knows suggested the last massive sports parade he attended was manageable near the route start, so I may give that a shot. But if it’s too overwhelming, it’s not like they need me there to have the parade.
  • Go to the library in Virginia where the book my new book club is reading is on hold for me.
  • Do laundry.
  • Ride a bike to a hot drink for a coffeeneuring stop.
  • Start cleaning my apartment. My holiday party is in a month, and my apartment is more messy than ever.
  • Bake something seasonal, possibly using quince.
  • Eat pizza.
  • Book a rental car for Thanksgiving.
  • Finish my shawl. Then I could block it, because although it will be cool, it will also be sunny and dry.
  • Visit the garden to pick the last of the tomatoes and basil and pull out dead plants.
  • Read Rainbow Rowell’s Pumpkinheads, which takes place on Halloween.
  • Spend as much time outside during daylight as possible, since weekends will be the last I see of daylight for the next several months.

How about you? What will you do with your extra-long 2-day weekend?

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October 28, 2019

fall weekending
posted by soe 1:58 am

This weekend included:

Hot drinks.


A Halloween festival at my local park.

Pumpkin buying at the farmers market.

Halloween Decorations

Cheering on lots of runners at the marathon early this morning.

A nap.


Several baseball games that didn’t quite work out.

How was your weekend?

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October 26, 2019

final october weekend planning
posted by soe 4:03 am

Today was a jam-packed day that included a half-day in the office, several hours working an expo floor, and a couple hours at an author event/literary bar party. And then I came home to watch the Nats game, or, rather, to completely zonk out during it because my poor introvert brain had used up all of its energy chatting with thousands of strangers. I was definitely awake during the 7th-inning stretch, because we stood up and sang (what, you don’t?), but I do not remember anything after that. I assumed Rudi would have woken me up if we’d won, but I still had to check the score to be sure. I’ve just been dead to the world for the past several hours.

I’m going to write this blog post, wash the supper dishes, and go back to sleep, but this time in bed, rather than curled up under a blanket on the couch.

Here’s what I’m hoping the rest of the weekend includes, after I recharge a little more:

  • Watch the Nationals win the World Series. There are two more games in D.C., which are the exact number we need to wrap this thing up. Obviously that cannot be a coincidence. If it looks like we will clinch on Sunday, Rudi and I will probably head down to the Yards to watch on the jumbotrons they’ve set up in the park. (If it doesn’t, our tv does not require our getting rained on, and we’ll save that experience for another evening.)
  • Cheer on a coworker who is running her first marathon.
  • Do a coffeeneuring bike ride. I don’t know where yet.
  • Procure Baby Shark donuts.
  • Switch out my cold-weather clothing.
  • Finish my shawl. I mean, come on already.
  • Send some mail.
  • Find Halloween lights (and candy to give out). Also give some thought to a costume.
  • Possibly go apple picking. I need to reconnect with Sarah. If not, pick up a pumpkin at the farmers market on Sunday.
  • Do laundry so I have clean sports bras. New volleyball league (with mostly friends from my outdoor team) starts Monday!
  • Read, because it’s the fall Dewey’s Readathon and there are at least three books I’m reading that I could finish.

What’s on your to-do list for this final weekend of October? (Also, how is it nearly November? Wasn’t it just 90 degrees?)

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