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September 9, 2019

a very seuss welcome to you
posted by soe 1:33 am

A Very Seuss Welcome

Bradley, Connecticut’s major airport, serves all of western New England, including Springfield, Massachusetts, where Dr. Seuss was born. This is a new addition to the airport’s installations, since I last flew home this spring.

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September 8, 2019

saturday night fire
posted by soe 1:37 am

My folks supplemented our evening entertainment with a firelog in the fireplace:


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September 7, 2019

connecticut long weekend
posted by soe 8:23 am

Connecticut Dahlia

I dozed off with the computer open next to me last night without telling you all that I’ve come up to Connecticut for a final long weekend before starting my new job.

It’s good to see my folks, and I’m looking forward to spending the afternoon with my best friend — they’re better than a tonic at chasing away the collywobbles.

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August 14, 2019

scenes from the train
posted by soe 1:04 am

I’m home from my trip to Connecticut, which sped past ridiculously fast. I hope to get back again soon.

Flights were very expensive, so I took the train up and back (to the same town where the airport is located). I admit that I may have picked up my knitting every time we got to a stop today in order to discourage anyone from taking the vacant seat next to me.

Here’s some of what I spied from the train on the way back to D.C.:

One of the graveyards, Holy Trinity Cemetery, in my hometown:

Wallingford Cemetery

We stopped for a while in New Haven to change engines, and I decided I had enough time to run into the train station and pick up a couple doughnuts. You know, as souvenirs … that I ate on the trip home.

Train Teatime



Philly (the first photo is Boathouse Row):

Philly's Boathouse Row


Bridget, did you see me waving as we went past?

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August 12, 2019

posted by soe 12:03 am

Black Swallowtail Butterfly

Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

My mother’s yard is full of pollinator-friendly flowers and I snapped photos of two swallowtails this evening as we were working outside.

I’m really sleepy, so will give everyone one more day with yesterday’s quiz before revealing the answers.

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August 10, 2019

weekend plans
posted by soe 12:59 am

Three Contrails and the Moon

I’m hanging out in Connecticut this weekend, so this will not be my view for the next few days, although my parents do also get views of airplanes.

We feasted on pizza this evening and spent a pleasant pre-sunset hour on the back deck singing along with music. I’m getting together with Karen tomorrow and suspect Sunday may include helping my folks with some home improvement projects.

All in all, I’m looking forward to this escape from my norm, at least for a little while.

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