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March 24, 2018

marching weekend to-do
posted by soe 1:21 am

This will be a busy weekend without a lot of down time for us. Saturday, as many of you know, is the March for Our Lives here in D.C. There are also sibling marches all over the country, from dozens across New England to all the way out in southern California and everywhere in between (and also around the world, from Mozambique to Manitoba, Canada). In other words, there is likely one near you. You can join us to call on your legislators to make it so there is not one more death in our country due to gun violence. It’s never been more possible than today, but we need your voices demanding your elected officials’ votes.

While that doesn’t start until noon, D.C. teens have decided they would like residents to come together independent of the national rally, so they’ve planned a rally starting at 9 a.m. on the other side of town. Painfully early, but I understand and it’s a good cause.

Saturday night is Earth Hour, the annual call to cut down on electricity by turning yours off, no matter where you live, from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. Rudi and I usually spend the evening by candlelight, talking or knitting and playing the guitar (me the former; him the latter), but who knows what we’ll end up doing this year.

Sunday is the farmers market, followed by the annual get-together for our baseball season ticket holder group, where we pick the games we want to go to. A bunch of us are friends, so we might go out for food or drinks afterwards. I also want go to the library; hopefully I’ll have finished A Gentleman in Moscow by then, since it’s overdue.

And in between all that? Life. Laundry needs doing and we really need to do some cleaning. We have a couple dvds that are due back to the library that we haven’t watched yet. I’d like to check on the garden and to wind some yarn and to eat some actual vegetables. And it would be great to take some books to one of the Little Free Libraries around the area. And sleep. Which I think I’d better start doing now.

How about you? What are you doing this weekend? Marching with your kids or your grandkids?

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February 10, 2018

opening ceremony festivities
posted by soe 2:02 am

Korean Feast

To accompany the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic Games, I had a Korean feast tonight. I stopped at one of the local bibimbop shops and bought myself a vegetarian bowl, a Choca Pie (which is similar to a moon pie), and a Sac Sac Grape, which turned out to have real grapes in it! (I was really relieved what bumped into my lip when I took my first sip turned out to be a grape!)

Sac Sac Grape Soda

The ceremony was lovely, as expected, and I cast on a Ravellenic Games project, which I’ll tell you about tomorrow.

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December 8, 2017

coffeeneuring 2017: ride #8
posted by soe 1:17 pm

Coffeeneuring Ride #8: Cleveland Park Library (4340 Connecticut Ave., N.W.) and Baked by Yael (3000 Connecticut Ave., N.W.)

Baked by Yael

Sunday, Nov. 19; 3.3 miles

Hot chocolate, everything bagel, raspberry cake pop (more…)

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December 3, 2017

coffeeneuring 2017: ride #7
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Coffeeneuring Ride #7: Juanita Thornton Library (7420 Georgia Ave., N.W.) and Ten Tigers Parlour (3813 Georgia Ave., N.W.)

Keemun Tea

Saturday, Nov. 18; 11.9 miles

Keemun Tea

Juanita E. Thornton Shepherd Park Branch Library

Next on my list of libraries to visit was the Juanita Thornton branch in Shepherd Park near the northern border of the city. Thornton was a retired teacher and neighborhood activist who helped convince the city to build a library on this spot instead of a Wendy’s. (This is particularly relevant since there is a McDonald’s literally across the street from the property.) The library opened in 1990 and was rededicated in her honor after her death two years later. (more…)

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December 1, 2017

coffeeneuring 2017: ride #5
posted by soe 2:47 pm

Coffeeneuring Ride #5: Benning (Dorothy I. Height) Library (3935 Benning Road, N.E.) and Mason Dixie Biscuit Co. (2301 Bladensburg Rd., N.E.)

Benning Road (Dorothy Height) Library

Saturday, Oct. 21; 17.4 miles

Arnold Palmer (iced tea & lemonade), biscuit

The Benning (Dorothy Height) Library opened in 2010 and was designed by the same firm that did the Shaw Library. It’s dedicated to Dorothy Height, a civil rights and women’s rights activist who headed up the National Council of Negro Women for 40 years and who spent the latter years of her life in D.C. (Interestingly, this is at least the fourth building in D.C. named in her honor. The others I’m aware of include a post office, an elementary school, and the NCNW headquarters.)

It’s an airy space, designed with a lot of copper on the outside to capture the afternoon sun and beautiful murals on the inside. The ones that line the kids’ section were done by the local artist coalition/nonprofit Life Pieces to Masterpieces. (more…)

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November 26, 2017

coffeeneuring 2017: ride #2
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I forgot to take photos of the Georgetown Library interior when I was there on this day, so the indoor shots are all from a month later.

Coffeeneuring Ride #2: Georgetown Neighborhood Library (3260 R St., N.W.) and Boulangerie Christophe (1422 Wisconsin Ave., N.W.)

Georgetown Neighborhood Library

Sunday, Oct. 15; 3.5 miles

Tea, chocolate chip Viennoise

The Georgetown Neighborhood Library has been my regular library for the past couple years, when the West End branch closed for renovations. I usually stop by once a week or so and then often head down to the waterfront to read for a while.

The building was opened in 1935 and used to be a much darker place. (I wrote a paper on Siddhartha there when I was a senior in high school visiting my dad, who was working in D.C. at that time.) But it had a fire in 2007 (coincidentally the same day Eastern Market suffered a similarly devastating fire) and was rebuilt at that time, reopening in 2010.

The building sits atop a crest of Wisconsin Avenue, giving it lovely views of the surrounding area. The park behind the library gives the neighborhood its name, Book Hill, and usually is the first place I see spring bulbs forming. (more…)

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