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January 7, 2021

no words (or 305 of them, but who’s counting?)
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I just don’t have the words to express the whirlwind of emotions I felt today, as we careened from the high of winning the Georgia Senate races to the low of racist domestic terrorists storming Congress at the behest of the President.

D.C. went into a lockdown at 6, so I did take a break from work in the afternoon in an attempt to get some extra groceries. I didn’t make it to Safeway before they’d locked their doors, but I did manage to find most of what I was looking for between the mom & pop shops and drug store.

But, honestly, it was exhausting being out, looking over my shoulder at anyone who passed me by, wondering if they were a threat. They’re staying at all the local hotels and at many of the Air BnB’s in the area, including one a couple doors down. (A pair of them mistook Rudi’s red baseball cap for a MAGA hat the other day.)

So, in the end, I hurried home even before I needed to. I finished my work, answered all the tweets and texts from those worried about me, called my folks, and took a fitful nap.

It was quiet in our neighborhood tonight. There are no cars on the road or passersby on the sidewalk, which is disquieting. There is an uptick in helicopters overhead (albeit less than during this spring’s protests or during the last Inauguration), which always adds a level of constant uneasiness to daily life.

Two more weeks. It’s a false goal, of course, because all of these dangerous jerks will still be here, lurking beneath their rocks, and now recruiting more to their cause who saw heroes in the display of toxic masculinity today. I despair for America tonight, which just seems like a lot when this morning was so hopeful.

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November 8, 2020

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Results Night

White House Fence

Biden Harris


It was a good day. I was awakened shortly before noon by pot banging in the neighborhood, which quickly escalated to cheers, horn honking, and, eventually fireworks. The emotion everywhere was jubilant and contagious and if we weren’t living amidst a pandemic might have involved strangers hugging.

I biked down to Black Lives Matter Plaza and the White House earlier tonight to see the crowd down there. You may have heard Trump built up the wall to “protect” himself; it just gave folks a bigger canvas. There was dancing and more fireworks and champagne bottles being popped and whole families out so kids could be a part of this historic day.

It was a good day.

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November 4, 2020

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I spent last night on a Zoom call with Rudi and a couple friends from shortly before midnight (they’re all out West, and I’m a night owl) until nearly 2:30. I was also working on a presentation for this afternoon at the same time.

When I got off with them, I emailed the Powerpoint to my boss, ate an ice cream sundae, put on the tv, and pulled out the laptop to write this blog post. And then promptly fell asleep on the couch, exhausted by the day’s activities and the crushing disappointment that we don’t know much, except that way more people in our country suck than I’d hoped. (I know, I know. They don’t suck. They just … live in a world where it makes sense to hand your car keys to someone who, in the past has driven your car full speed into a brick wall, and now wants to take take your little kid for a spin on a mountain pass at midnight in a huge storm without a seat belt on. While drunk. And high. And a jerk.

Okay, well, I guess I have to go get ready for a work day that includes a four-hour strategic planning meeting. I’d tell you to think good thoughts for me, but keep them with the fate of the country. My meeting will wrap up by day’s end; I can’t say the same for this nightmare.

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October 4, 2020

saturday still life
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A Saturday in October

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June 7, 2020

black lives matter
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Black Lives Matter

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June 2, 2020

posted by soe 1:17 am

Seems Obvious

I’ve started several drafts trying to talk about the unrest here in D.C. and across the country.

I am trying to wrap my head around the fact that the president has declared martial law in my city and has brought police forces in who do not answer to my duly elected officials.

I am trying to come to terms with the role my white privilege plays in the larger concerns over racist policing and governmental policies, as well as my own cowardice at thwarting the curfew and going to join people whose anger I believe is justified and their cause righteous.

And I am trying to figure out what concrete steps I can take to help find real solutions to complex problems that seem outside of my hands.

But maybe the first one is to get involved with electing leaders again who want to glorify the good of the people, rather than themselves, and who are willing to put energy and resources toward finding consensus and real world solutions.

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