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May 21, 2019

into the stacks 2019: march
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A stab toward getting back on track. Here are the three books I finished back in March:

Geekerella, by Ashley Poston

A retelling of Cinderella, this novel is set in modern South Carolina and features geek girl Elle, a hard-working orphan who blogs lovingly about a cheesy sci-fi tv show from the 1980s (the first to feature a lead by an Asian-American actor), and teen soap heartthrob Darien, who’s just been hired to play the hero in a modern reboot movie. As chapters alternate between the two, we learn that Elle, whose parents met at a Starfield signing line and who went on to found a convention in its honor, is spending the summer working in a vegan food truck called the Magic Pumpkin, much to the shame of her stepmother and two stepsisters. Darien, on the other hand, has just discovered that his manager (also his father, but he’s not allowed to call him Dad) has signed him up to appear at a fan convention after shooting wraps at the end of the summer. He has a hard and fast rule about not appearing at Cons, since his ex-friend betrayed him publicly at one several years ago. Hoping to take his destiny back into his own hands, he finds the Con’s website and texts a phone number he finds associated with it. Guess who’s at the other end of that number… (more…)

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May 20, 2019

notes from the garden: mid-may
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I’ve spent two evenings at the garden this week, pulling it back into shape after all the rain we’ve had and planting the seedlings I purchased at the beginning of the month.


When I arrived on Wednesday, I was greeted with bolted sorrel, as tall as I was.

Garden: May 19

By the time I left tonight, it looked a little better.

I’m growing at least three types of peas (I planted nine varieties, I think…).

There are purple and green pods:

Purple Peas

Green Peas

And then there are these pea plants, which are short and stocky and have what look like they should be black-eyed pea flowers:

Fava Bean Flowers

These are, it turns out, the fava beans I planted. Cool, eh?


My chard seeds are doing well, as are some of the other greens I planted from seed, although they’re way shorter.


I harvested four types of greens today that were turned into tonight’s salads. There’s definitely romaine, arugula, and mizuna, all of which I planted from seedling, and one other that has jumped up from seeds I planted — upland cress, I think.

Spring Onions & Bronze Fennel

The rest of my spring plants are doing well, too. As you can see, my spring onions have flourished, to such a degree that I’m going to have a little bit of a challenge getting my potatoes in. My mint, oregano, lavender, rosemary, and bronze fennel (which reseeded itself) are also doing well. I put hay (stolen from the garden’s decorative banana plant’s winter bedding) under my strawberry plants this spring, and it has so far had the benefit of keeping the slugs from devouring all my strawberries before I get to partake of them. I’ve gotten about a dozen berries out of the garden so far and hope to have several dozen more as the season goes on.

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May 19, 2019

sunset over the p street beach
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May 18, 2019

mid-may weekend planning
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Nationals vs. Cubs

We started off the weekend nicely, with a beautiful evening for a ballgame, although it turned into a bit of the rout of the local team, with the Cubs picking run after run off the Nationals’ pitchers for a painful four-plus hours.

Rudi has to work both days (the perils of working in the cycling industry during Bike Month), but I still hope to get in a few fun things amidst my chores:

  • I’m behind on my job-hunting this week, so that has to take top billing.
  • I also need to get my remaining tomatoes and peppers into the ground. I only got two-thirds in on Wednesday evening before I ran out of daylight.
  • We tore the apartment apart last night a bit, so I need to do some cleaning/organizing.
  • I’d like to finally make strawberry shortcake.
  • And eat some vegetables. I have lettuce from the garden that I should turn into a salad.
  • A trip to the library is in order because apparently the holds were out of order the other day and I didn’t pick up the one that’s expiring tomorrow. An extra trip to the library is rarely a bad thing, though.
  • On Sunday, Porchfest, a series of concerts that takes over the front stoops of a given neighborhood, will be across the river in Southeast. The weather will be warm, but depending on how ambitious I’m feeling, I might give it a shot.
  • The Giro is currently underway, so we will watch a little cycling at some point.
  • I also need to catch up on my correspondence.
  • The snow fence is finally down in the park after months of a renovation project, so I might just spend hours lounging and reading and knitting.
  • I did not paint my nails last weekend, but the pool opens next weekend, so now would be a good time to do it.
  • There’s a Hawaiian Cultural Festival at the American Indian Museum, so that could be fun to check out.

What are you hoping to tackle this weekend?

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May 17, 2019

bustin’ loose in the rain, dance party, and a heronry
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Rudi's Karaoke Birthday

Today was Rudi’s birthday, which he wanted to spend doing karaoke, since one of his bikey friends runs a couple such events around town, including one on the rooftop of a hotel downtown.

Here are three other beautiful things from my past week:

Rudi's Karaoke Birthday

1. At the Funk Parade on Saturday, the parade and other free activities were supposed to wrap up with an hour-long performance by the Chuck Brown Band. (Chuck Brown was the Godfather of Go-Go, a type of funk, and D.C.’s favorite musician before he died a couple years back. His band has continued to perform under his moniker and in his honor.) The skies opened up toward the end of the parade (you felt for dancers doing splits in puddles and the beauty queens in their spangled bikinis mincing through the chilly mist) and by the time their set began, a steady drizzle was coming down. They only made it into their second song before a loud CRACKLE! punctuated the music and the mics went dead. They paused, realized they’d completely lost electricity and then went on to perform every jam and call-and-response song in their repertoire, as the crowd boogied under a rainbow of umbrellas. We cheered through The Woody Woodpecker theme song and riffs from other popular soundtracks and then went wild and sang along for Chuck’s biggest hit, “Bustin’ Loose.” It was understandably a short set, but one everyone in the park will remember.

Rudi's Karaoke Birthday

2. My attention is captured by the colorful disco lights flashing in a living room window. Happy-looking couples are slow dancing on a Thursday.

Rudi's Karaoke Birthday

3. As we’re riding home along the Rock Creek bike path, we notice a great blue heron flying by. Then I spy three more hanging out in the creek itself, along with a night heron. Obviously, it’s a party.

Rudi's Karaoke Birthday

What’s been beautiful in your world lately?

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May 16, 2019

mid-day unraveling
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Mid-May Unraveling

We had sun and warmth for the first time in ages this afternoon, so I stopped by Big Bear Cafe on my way back from my library book group to sit and read the book I picked up afterwards.

The book, Alexia Gordon’s Murder in G Major, was recommended to me on Monday when I remarked to the Bout of Books Twitter chat that I was really hankering after cozies with non-white main characters. While I’m grateful that this mystery features a Black woman conductor and musician as its lead, and I like an Irish cottage as a setting, I’m not loving the book so far. I’m hoping it gets more comfortable with itself once it’s not introducing characters anymore.

I’m still listening to P.S. I Still Love You and also have picked Kelly Yang’s middle-grade novel Front Desk, about family of Chinese immigrants who run a hotel run by a not-such-a-nice guy.

I didn’t knit on my Smock Madness socks at all last week, so these look exactly like they did then. I found the pattern and I resumed my toe decreases while at the cafe this afternoon. However, I didn’t have a chibi with me, so the second sock had to wait for another day.

Head over to As Kat Knits if you want to read more posts about books and crafting.

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