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June 24, 2016

yellow, sunny, and old friends
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Three beautiful things from my past week:

1. The bedroom where we stay on vacation is a cheerful yellow. It’s like waking up in sunshine.

2. My favorite meals of vacation are breakfasts in the full sun of the deck.

3. On our trip home from vacation, we get the chance to see ECN and Erica, two of my favorite college friends. We eat ice cream and watch the sun set over the Hudson and catch up.

(Speaking of our vacation, I’ll have photos to share with you this weekend.)

How about you? What’s been beautiful in your world this week?

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June 23, 2016

early summer yarning along
posted by soe 2:45 am

Summer reading continues apace. I finished three books last week while on vacation and one since returning home. These are the two I’m currently working on:

Early Summer Yarning Along

Big Magic I’m reading for the #TBRTakedown on Twitter. One of the challenges was to read a book outside our comfort zone and self-help by an author whose first book I didn’t particularly like definitely qualifies. Lots of people put it on their best-of lists last year, though, including some who didn’t love Eat, Pray, Love, so I figured I’d give it a chance. The Unexpected Everything is a recent release YA contemporary featuring the daughter of a Connecticut senator and her father the summer he experiences a scandal at the office. The first couple chapters were long and slow, possibly because my head was still wrapped up in the ending of Carry On, the book I’d just finished prior to starting it, but I hear it picks up. (It’ll count for a book from my most recent haul in the Takedown if I finish it this week.)

While I read a lot on vacation, I didn’t knit much. I’ve only got seven Hitchhiker teeth so far, but I’m approaching the end of the red, I think. I’ve got a meeting to sit through tomorrow and a film tomorrow evening if the rain holds off, though, so I should get a couple more teeth done before the weekend.

Yarning along with Ginny and her new baby.

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June 22, 2016

ten things on this summer’s bucket list
posted by soe 2:21 am

So neither of my go-to Tuesday memes interested me today especially: I listen to audiobooks while knitting, driving, and doing the dishes, but prefer baseball games on the radio or music for most other tasks, and while I’ve read seven 2016 releases this year, I have yet to hand out five stars to any of them.

So instead, I’m going to answer the meme I was too busy vacationing last week to write about: 10 Things on This Summer’s Bucket List:

  1. Visit Theodore Roosevelt Island. It’s three miles from my door (maybe less). I’m finally getting over there. Related: Visit Kingman Island on the other side of town.
  2. Make ice cream, yogurt, or popsicles once a week. Related: play volleyball regularly.
  3. Get to the pool or beach every week.
  4. Take in an outdoor movie at least every other week, preferably every week. (This is my favorite way to catch up on recent releases to “video” and classics I’ve missed. Pending more weather, we’re catching Mister Roberts in our local park later this week.)
  5. Read in our hammock. (I need to check if there are rules stating I can’t suspend things from trees in our closest park. I know I can take the portable stand one up there if I can dig it out of our building’s storage closet.)
  6. Attend an outdoor concert. Something big would be nice, but I’d settle for one of the free Fort Reno shows.
  7. Freeze fruit (and maybe veg) for the winter. (I like the idea of canning, but really need to work with things that require minimal storage/equipment.)
  8. Eat picnic suppers outside once a week. Perhaps in conjunction with the movies, but maybe not.
  9. Go to the midnight release party for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the book version of the script of the new West End play.
  10. Finish two knitting projects. Any two.

How about you? What are you hoping to cross off your list this season?

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June 17, 2016

cone, view, and three quarts full
posted by soe 12:42 am

Three beautiful things from my past week:

1. My friend Shawn surveys us to ask who’s interested in ice cream from the nearby parlor. I expect he’s going to get something for us to share, but instead he arrives back at the blanket bearing cones for each of us.

Jubilee Ice Cream, Courtesy of Shawn

2. The house my brother rented for our family vacation has a view of the harbor.

A Deck with a View

3. Before we leave town, I freeze the strawberries I have in the fridge and end up with three quarts of berries for later in the year.

How about you? What’s been beautiful in your world this week?

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June 10, 2016

built-in warning, pods, and blink
posted by soe 2:48 am

Pride Week

Three beautiful things from my past week:

1. After stupidly sunburning my arm during our drive home Monday, I biked to work the next morning in short sleeves. Almost immediately, my arm began to tingle. At lunch, I went out with a shawl.

2. Quarts of shelling peas left at the end of the market, and the farmer who cuts me a deal as a regular customer.

3. I saw my first fireflies of the season this week.

How about you? What’s been beautiful in your world lately?

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June 9, 2016

early-june yarn along
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Yarning Along in Early June

Right there you see the first two “teeth” of my new Hitchhiker shawl. I started it a month or so ago and had difficulty keeping track of which row I was on, but a tip on Ravelry about where to put a stitch marker to keep track of the stitches helped immensely, and I can now see it becoming a project I can work on while around others.

Hamilton (better known on social media as #Hamiltome) is filled with essays about the source material, actors, staff, and history of this weekend’s presumptive Tony Winner. It’s also contains an annotated libretto by Lin-Manuel Miranda with notes about where he was when he wrote particular songs, the raps and musicals that inspired certain lines, and where his version differs from the actual story (such as that there were a ton of Schuyler brothers or that the band of brothers introduced in the tavern during “My Shot” don’t actually meet that early in the story). I’m through the first act and am looking forward to reading (and listening) along into the final act in weeks to come.

I picked up Adam Shaughnessy’s The Entirely True Story of the Unbelievable Fib over the weekend and finished it tonight. It’s a middle-grade novel about Pru, a sixth-grade “detective” (whose last investigation into the Sasquatch sighted in the school parking lot gets her detention from the teacher whose new fur coat had just been publicly maligned), and her new classmate ABE, who find themselves in the middle of a Norse-god-themed mystery. Adam was a classmate and fellow English major at my alma mater and I bought the book because I was curious and wanted to be supportive. I can now say he’s written an enjoyable book, with a bunch of passages I particularly liked, such as his opening paragraph:

The envelopes arrived during the uncertain hours of Thursday morning — those dark, early hours between tomorrow and yesterday, between not-quite-yet and nevermore. It’s a time when the day is still young, still taking shape, and still open to possibility.

I liked those lines immediately when I began the book on Saturday, but having just finished it, I can see they pretty much summarize the theme of the novel. If you like kid lit fantasy, like the Percy Jackson or Artemis Fowl series, or mystery, like Harriet the Spy or the Enola Holmes series, I’d recommend you pick the book up.

I look forward to reading the second one, which will be out in the fall.

Yarning along with Ginny at Small Things.

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